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Kaps & Barto is a full-service litigation firm based in Hackensack, New Jersey. Founded over 38 years ago, Kaps & Barto specializes in complex, corporate and commercial litigation in all courts throughout New Jersey. The firm is equipped to provide counsel and representation in all state and federal courts.

Like all law firms, we provide legal expertise. Our expertise covers a broad variety of legal disciplines. Cultivating strong relationships with our clients is the key to our success. At Kaps & Barto we are committed to delivering first-class service to all clients whether small, medium or large, private or public.

The firm appreciates the opportunity to serve you by providing quality services and innovative solutions.

In a court decision rendered by a Superior Court Judge, the court had the following to say about Mr. Kaps and the law firm of Kaps & Barto:

“…I would also like to put on the record that Mr. Kaps, who has submitted this--… But, based on what I know of his legal work, he did superb legal work in this case. Mr. Kaps is one of the best lawyers that ever appeared in front of me. He's always been prepared. He has a -- an encyclopedic knowledge of the law of New Jersey, works hard, knew the facts of the case. And, as I say, it was a great pleasure to have him before me. He did superb legal work in the case and that goes for his partner, as well….

The -- their submissions to me kept me working all last summer on this opinion. They were detailed. They were comprehensive. And they were in the best traditions of the law. So, I just wanted the record to reflect that Mr. Kaps has done superb legal work in this case. … He made my job perhaps harder because of-- of the quality of his work, but that's-- that's fine. And I just wanted the record to reflect that Mr. Kaps work, and his firm's work, was certainly at the highest levels that this bar should expect, and I thank him for it."

This comment, made by a judge in a particular case, is not an endorsement of Mr. Kaps legal skill or ability or the legal skill or ability of the law firm.

We are proud to have received the highest rating as to legal ability from Martindale Hubbell. Please watch the video below: